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Susan Scott
03 5183 2688 or 0429 333303


I’m Susan Scott, the owner and host at Rodondo. I come from a long line of hospitality providers. My father was both a builder and a publican and I spent four years of my childhood running up and down the stairs at the Continental Hotel at Sorrento. I used to follow my mother about as she cleaned the rooms and sometimes I would slip into the hotel kitchen and “help” by making butterballs, using two massive wooden butter pats.

My grandparents on my father’s side owned the Kooweerup Cafe & Guesthouse during the 1930s and family legend has it that Grandfather Bert was famous throughout Gippsland for his Cornish pasties. Later on, during the 1950’s, my grandparents purchased and lived at Blairgowrie House in Blairgowrie, running that as a guest house also. I can still smell my grandmother’s scones as they emerged from the woodfired oven.

My mother grew up in her parent’s guesthouse at Portsea, a massive limestone and ironlace heritage-listed building called Marlborough House which still stands in the Back Beach Road. They had a cow which they milked every day to provide fresh milk for their guests.